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Two-Day Negotiating Workshop

The Barkacs Group, a business consulting firm in San Diego, California, provides a hands-on approach to learn essential concepts for becoming more skilled at negotiating, more strategically adept at office politics, and more effective in your ability to communicate. Most of our seminar content can be customized to meet your company's specific needs. Please take a moment to review this information on our two-day negotiation workshop to get a sense of what you will discover when working with us.

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Negotiation Workshop Description

This course examines the key features of integrative (I.E., pie expanding) and distributive (I.E., pie slicing) negotiations, such as BATNAs, target points, anchoring, resistance points, and creating options. It also explores critically important methods of persuasion, how to use such methods effectively, and how to defend against them. High-powered or multi-faceted negotiations require special attention to, or emphasis on, particular themes. This course also focuses on issues of leadership, ethics and trust, difficult people and circumstances, problem solving and creativity, multi-party negotiations, and team negotiations. The learning environment is interactive and experiential and includes open discussion, negotiation simulations, and the opportunity to analyze and evaluate disparate outcomes to the simulations through direct feedback.

Course Objectives

• Preparing Properly for a Negotiation (the SOS Method: Self-Assessment, Other Assessment, & Situation Assessment)
• Developing Effective Negotiation Objectives & Strategies
• Understanding the Psychology Of Negotiation & Deal-Making
• Understanding the Difference Between Interests & Positions & How To Get Behind Positions To Interests
• Understanding the Effects Of Reputation & Relationship On Negotiation
• Developing Trust In Relationships
• Recognizing, Applying, & Defending Against Various Methods Of Influence
• Understanding the Nuances & Complexities Of Multi-Party & Team Negotiations
• Recognizing & Diffusing Hard Bargaining Tactics
• Dealing With Difficult People & Circumstances
• Separating the People From the Problem
• Recognizing Leadership Opportunities & Demonstrating Leadership When Negotiating
• Applying Problem Solving Skills & Thinking Creatively
• Internalizing & Implementing the Best Negotiating Principles & Tools