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Indispensable Presentation Techniques & Negotiation Skills

Learning how to negotiate effectively is an art form, but there are many simple and practical steps you can use to create the outcomes you envision. Equally nuanced are the concepts for delivering a compelling presentation or dealing with a sensitive matter in an ethical manner. For over a decade, The Barkacs Group has been helping large firms and professionals throughout the world become more effective and more strategic in their business dealings. Whether you wish to land a deal or close a case, you'll appreciate the insights you gain from our trainings.

Our Approach

We don't bother with PowerPoint® presentations, but instead directly engage our participants to help them internalize dynamic strategies in applicable situations. Nobody can ever be too good at negotiating or presenting cases, which means there are always more subtle and intricate methods to learn after you master both basic and intermediate skills. You'll be pleased once you start using the best techniques available in your practice.

Our Topics

Business Meeting

Many of our clients schedule our negotiation workshops, but we provide sessions that focus on ethics and presentation skills, too. Business leaders and executives also appreciate our seminars on how to navigate through the waters of organizational politics and power. Whether you're giving a sales pitch to land a business deal or you simply wish to tactfully deal with a delicate interpersonal conflict, you'll be impressed with the easy-to-remember principles you'll pick up during our one and two-day intensive and experiential training seminars.

The Scheduling Process

If you'd like to set up a training seminar for your company, simply contact us to discuss what skill sets you would like to hone. We'll develop a proposal outlining the topics you would like to explore. Typically, our workshops last for two days, so we can cover a variety of approaches for general and specific applications. Costs vary depending on the group size and the amount of training provided.